Monday, May 19, 2008

Never Mind the Bullocks!

The other night I decided to make the most of my new lifestyle and go for a nice relaxing walk.

Halfway along a local public footpath I came across some young cattle ( I think they may have been bullocks ... but I wasn’t intending to get close enough to find out!) escaping over a low fence onto the path. At the sight of me they ran ahead. About three were left in the field and they pelted in the same direction. Being a stubborn girl and used to hiking I decided to carry on - albeit carefully! They kept moving ahead of me, with two more eventually joining them. One was now left unable to get out to the others and mooing pitifully.

I knew we would soon be reaching the road and as I didn’t think it would be the best idea to drive a herd of cattle onto it at dusk I had an idea … there is a picnic area slightly off the path that would conceal me from view. I thought this would give the animals a chance to rejoin the one they left behind. I sat there for some time … no sign of them … despite the melancholy calls from the stranded cow.

I couldn’t stay there all night so I decided to try and move on. This time the cattle seemed to have decided that enough was enough. They faced me, and then started to walk slowly towards me. I back-tracked a bit and they continued to follow me but still slowly and at a reasonable distance. I thought this would be good – I could lead them back to where they had broken free. I started whistling to encourage them. Dutifully they followed.

With them heading back in this direction, and feeling like some bovine pied-piper … I thought that if I went back into the picnic area they would continue past - back where they were meant to be.

Bad idea!

Very Bad Idea!

They came running in to find me, obviously believing I was going to feed them … one way or another! Somewhat intimidated by these stampeding creatures I climbed on top of the picnic table. Shouting and waving my arms only encouraged wild eyes and snorts.

‘Do the police come out for women encircled by cows?’ I wondered.

Fortunately, rummaging in my bag for my phone seemed to spook them. And they all ran off one by one – back towards where they had broken out from.

Relieved, and slightly wobbly-kneed, I walked the short distance along the path, avoiding the steaming splatter that the cows had left behind, out to the road and up the hill to home - occasionally checking over my shoulder that I had no more stalkers.

By the time I got in the door I was in fits of laughter – trying to imagine what I must have looked like perched on a rickety old wooden table surrounded by loads of cows.

Who says country life is dull?!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shop Open!!!

The running around all paid off and we were open in time for the 10th ... mainly by working until 10pm the previous day putting the fiction into alphabetical order ... but it was worth it!

Everybody in the village has been incredibly welcoming and we've had cards and flowers and visits from well-wishers ... Galloway Signs did a cracking job as did J&B Print getting us some bookmarks ready for opening.

We're loving being here - the shelves aren't quite creaking yet (well Health & Safety probably wouldn't approve anyway) but we're getting there!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Please can I have some new feet ...?

Lots of running around sorting out shop for opening on Sat 10th May!

Hubby made lovely bookshelves in record time ... all we had to do then was fill them .. and price them ... and organise them ... and ... but I'm not moaning - am tired but very happy! People keep passing and wishing us all the best, the lovely landlady kept us supplied with coffee. Oh, and we sold our first book - from the window display - not bad considering we're not officially open yet!

The signs arrived today and they look great .. will take some photos when we open. Just waiting on BT fitting the telephone line etc ... ridiculous amount of hassle but nevermind!

Must go to sleep .... another packed day tomorrow!