Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hal Spacejock

The Bookworm here at The Creaking Shelves highly recommends sci-fi writer Simon Hayne's "Hal Spacejock" series.

Not only is Simon a hugely talented writer hitting the best-seller lists in Australia - Hal 3 was a #1 bestseller at Fantastic Planet, and Hal 1 reached #3 on the Dymocks national bestseller list - he is also a thoroughly nice guy!

The Hal Spacejock books are a cracking good read - fast-paced, witty and embarrassingly laugh-out-loud funny (be prepared for peculiar looks if you read them on public transport) - fans of Red Dwarf and Douglas Adams will love them, kids will adore them (suitable from age 14+), and if you think you don't like sci-fi ... give them a try and then think again!


Who is this Hal Spacejock? you ask ... I'll let Simon tell you in his own words:

"Everyone knows someone like Hal - he's the guy who plugs a 12-volt lantern into a mains socket and burns his house down. He's the guy who does his own plumbing and floods the neighbour's house. He's the guy who visits three stores to save a few bucks on a hammer, then blows a hundred and twenty on a laser-guided tape measure with built-in bottle opener.

In my novels, Hal Spacejock is a freighter pilot trying to make a living hauling cargo all over the galaxy. His ship, the Black Gull, is a high-maintenance old wreck controlled by a confident, unflappable computer called the Navcom.

Unfortunately, Hal can only afford to land on backwater planets, where the only cargo jobs on offer are the kind which will land him on a prison planet for life."


Simon has made the first in the series available as a free e-book on his website:

along with loads of other goodies for fans and advice for aspiring writers. Also, check out Simon's blog here.


Where can you get them?

Currently, the Hal Spacejock series (four and counting ...) are not available to buy here in the UK, but you can order them directly from his publisher or from a couple of online retailers. We at The Creaking Shelves felt that this was too criminal to continue so we are busy trying to get the books to sell in our shop.

Watch this space for news on when Hal & co. land!

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