Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Watch Out UK - Hal Has Landed!!

Our first batch of Hal Spacejock books have arrived all the way from Oz. As far as I know we are the first, and only, UK shop to stock these sensational novels by Simon Haynes!

Simon has kindly signed all the books and the nice publishers have thrown in some fridge magnets and bookmarks! So treat yourself to a nice Spacejock bundle!

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Satima Flavell said...

Congratulations, Sarah, on being the first Brit to jump on board with Hal and Clunk. Trust the Scots to steal a march on the English!:-)

You guys are in for a treat. These books are a great read; a rip-roaring send-up of everything SF with little touches of something deeper here and there. I hope you all love Hal and Clunk as much as their Aussie fans do!

Sinbad said...

Delighted to hear I can now buy Spacejock books here in the UK. I bought the first three direct from Australia despite the shipping cost. Now, how do I got about buying volume 4?

grahamt said...

Great to hear. Fortunately I already have them all (and signed by Simon) but I'm sure you'll make short working or selling them.

Brilliant books.